Monday, 25 August 2014

Johnny Carson on Democracy

Johnny Carson on Democracy 

"Majority rule government is purchasing an enormous house you can't manage the cost of with cash you don't need to awe individuals you wish were dead. What's more, not at all like socialism, vote based system does not mean hosting only one inadequate political gathering; it means hosting two ineffectual political gatherings. ... Vote based system is inviting individuals from different terrains, and providing for them something to clutch - generally a mop or a leaf blower. It implies that with fitting timing and conscientious accounting, anybody can kick the bucket owing the legislature a gigantic measure of cash. ... Vote based system means free TV, not great TV, however free. ... Lastly, popular government is the hawk on the once more of a dollar bank note, with 13 bolts in one hook, 13 leaves on an extension, 13 tail plumes, and 13 stars over its head - this means that when the white man resulted in these present circumstances nation, it was bad fortunes for the Indians, bad fortunes for the trees, bad fortunes for the untamed life, and lights out for the American falcon. I bless your heart." 

For his Second Inaugural location, George Washington kept it short: 

"Individual Citizens: 

I am again called upon by the voice of my nation to execute the capacities of its Chief Magistrate. At the point when the event fitting for it might arrive, I should try to express the high sense I divert of this recognized honor, and of the certainty which has been rested in me by the populace of united America. 

Past to the execution of any official demonstration of the President the Constitution requires a promise of office. This promise I am currently going to take, and in your vicinity: That on the off chance that it should be found amid my organization of the Government I have in any occurrence disregarded readily or purposely the directives thereof, I may (other than bringing about sacred discipline) be liable to the upbraidings of all who are presently witnesses of the present grave service."